Conceiving exceptional places for people to live, work and dream…
At Bright Developments we orchestrate holistic development services that create value and possibility. We bring fresh and sustainable approach to projects through research and analysis to create a unique vision for each particular development.

Our diverse team of development specialists, market analysists and sales experts working hand in hand with our sister company AE7 to deliver innovative solutions and financially beneficial development opportunities to our global Clients.

Bright Developments will guide your projects to great success within their particular market and circumstance utilizing the Development Creation process. Our clients will realize favorable financial returns, and projects that contribute to the greater community enabling a healthy, sustainable and an enhanced lifestyle.

Holistic Development Services that create enduring value

Creation of the complete project vision, initial financing model and development strategy through research, analysis, creativity and understanding of the market and the possibilities inherent in a particular opportunity.

Exploring Various development finance scenarios to suit the project. These may include direct investment, export finance, capital stack (subordinated and senior debt) and non-traditional funding mechanisms.

Through project inception, design stages and construction, Bright Developments offers a full spectrum of services including integrated support services, sales, marketing and project delivery through project closeout. Through a holistic development strategy starting with project inception.

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